CAN supports new Smart Transport Network

Transport dominates every aspect of our lives, our health, the form of our communities, our environment, economy and our personal financial well-being.

Smart Transport means providing a full spectrum of appropriate, sustainable and integrated transport choices.

The Smart Transport Network has been formed following the Smart Transport Conference, held in parliament buildings in August 2010, to present a new collective national voice, with an international perspective on transport solutions.

The Smart Transport Network will advocate for smart, modern solutions and development that make more efficient use of transport spending and encourage infra structural priorities that will serve the community now and into the future.

Smart transport choices..

are integrated, universally accessible, and not private car dependent,
will be viable now and in the future, and less dependent on overseas resources,
are affordable for governments and individuals,
enable resilient communities and individual independence,
support good public health, particularly in terms of obesity and air pollution,
are environmentally sustainable, reducing our carbon footprint,
include institutional goals for mode shift, with achievable medium term benefits.

The Network is already backed by: Cycling Advocates Network, WWF New Zealand, 350 Aotearoa, Greenpeace, Rail and Maritime Transport Union, Brake, Public Transport Voice, along with many local issue groups such as Save Kapiti, Cycling Auckland, TransAction, and Save Our Rail - Northland.