CAN election campaign: meeting with NZ First

When: Tuesday 9 September 2008

Where: Bowen House, Wellington,

Who: Peter Brown, Deputy Leader, NZ First; Jane Dawson & Robert Ibell, CAN

NZ First has not yet finalised its transport policy. Peter Brown was clear that NZ First supports more investment in roads but said the party recognises that roads are also used by cyclists and saw the need for a mix of transport modes. He was open to the idea of making this clear in their transport policy.

Peter said several times that they see their role as a support party, but one that has the ability to influence Government. They see one of their achievements was getting all petrol tax going into roading.

NZ First are concerned that with more fuel efficient vehicles, and increased fuel prices, revenue from fuel taxes will go down. Therefore another way has to be found to fund roading. He expressed the view that cyclists don't pay towards roads. We countered this view, and pointed out that spending more on cycling, walking and public transport would  make more efficient use of reduced petrol tax revenue.

We gave him a copy of our briefing paper. We followed up with an e-mail to invite Peter to maintain contact with us.