CAN Do 2013 - Evaluation Report

Many thanks to everyone who provided their thoughts and comments on the CAN Do 2013.

This report provides an overview of feedback from the CAN Do 2013, which was held at the Pioneer Women's Hall in Auckland on the 13-14 April.

CAN Do 2013 was the biggest that we have held, with 68 people registering to attend. We received feedback from 37 attendees, a respectable 54%. Of those of you that responded, 35% attended on just the Saturday and 65% attended both days.

Speakers and Format

Most of you welcomed the range and variety of speakers. Jonathan Daly, the keynote speaker, was the stand out with, 70% of you finding his presentation useful.

82% of you responded positively to the format of the event, with a few caveats e.g "Excellent-- but not enough time for questions and perhaps too many speakers".

Highlights and Lowlights

The range of speakers was mentioned again by many of you as a highlight. The social aspect of CAN Do also scored highly with 30% of you indicating that the networking and meeting other advocates were highlights, and 16% mentioning the food and the BBQ at Barb's house.

A quarter of you thought the AGM was the least useful part of the event.

Future events

The key topic areas that you would like to see covered at future events were;

  • Infrastructure
  • Women on bikes
  • Funding and partnerships
  • Advocacy skills training
  • Campaigning and marketing
  • CAN strategy and vision

You also stated that you would like to see more small group and interactive skills based workshops at future events, along with more time for networking, more female presenters and more information on local group activities.

There was less consensus on what you would like to see less of, with the AGM getting a further mention along with formal ‘talking head' presentations and open ended group brainstorms.

Overall and value for money

Overall you thought the event was a great success, with 80% of you agreeing it was useful and inspirational. Overwhelmingly you thought the event was value for money with 97% of you stating that the cost of the event was about right or too cheap.

"Big kudos to the organising group. Amazing venue, food, participants... good energy all around. Thanks!"

"Surprised at how good it was to meet with like minded individuals. Really enjoyed it"

"An enjoyable and inspirational gathering"