CAN Do 2013 - Cycling Advocates' Network meeting, Auckland 13 and 14 April

Ash Holwell, Aaron Edwards (WDC Councillor), Robin Rawson (NRC?) and Paul Doherty attended the CAN Do in Auckland last weekend.

AWESOME hospitality thanks to the Cycle Action Auckland friends!  I have NEVER eaten so well.

And a room full of people donating their time and energy so willingly to make Aotearoa New Zealand a better place to cycle - kia ora koutou!

There will be a summary to follow - but mainly "CONGRATULATIONS!!!" to Ash from WhareBike who is now on the CAN National committee - bringing light and life!  Well done Ash!

Loved the logo from Bike Taupo - JFDI - based on a famous Nike motto!

Keynote speaker Jonathon Daly refered a lot to urban design philosopher, Richard Sennett, and his books about the loss of the "commons" in modern cities - and possibly our connection with things we make in general, and broadly what makes up our cities.  

The humble bicycle is a powerful symbol in the work of restoring the commons due to its accessibility, human scale and speed.  More people riding bikes more often...?  Too bloody right!  JFDI