CAN Do 2009 Evaluation Summary

Overall the 2009 CAN Do was a big success, based on feedback from evaluations.

Roughly a quarter of the registered attendees filled in an evaluation form and the following information can be gathered from studying the responses.

There were a number of items which stood out as being particularly entertaining and informative. From Phillip Darnton's reassuring presentation from Cycling UK, Frocks on Bikes with their chic enthusiasm for the simple pleasures in life, to the local groups' insightful and individual reports, there was much to talk about in the breaks between items.

Other speakers that were regularly applauded in the feedback were Fiona Whero on local government submissions, Bevan Woodward's wisdom on how to avoid advocacy “burn-out” and Paul McArdle, keen to get the wheels turning on numerous pro-bicycle campaigns. The screening of Veer, the social evening at the Fernery, and of course the group rides were also highly praised.

The format and atmosphere of the AGM received many comments. Many of those who responded to the evaluation said it was too long, and that the mood was not positive. Suggestions were given for helping avoid this such as having reports from Exec and portfolio leaders take the same (and reasonably brief) form as the local group reports. Also suggested was having nominations arranged before the meeting took place, which would smooth out the proceedings.

There were many suggestions for what to include and how to improve the CAN Do. Several people mentioned a desire to have the local group reports be less rushed, and provide more information on how they function, how effective they are and where the groups are growing. However acknowledgement was also made that by Sunday afternoon attention was flagging and perhaps finishing at lunch time to have the afternoon for more casual discussion and socialising would have been preferable. To keep people's interest piqued and to add variety, the use of more “soundbites” was recommended, along with smaller and more concentrated workshop-style discussions which could then come together for larger group sessions. In general the food was praised by all, but a few comments were made regarding better provision for vegetarians when all were eating together (pizza), and that healthier food in general would be appreciated.

Some ideas for 2010 include more reporting on the progress of the National Cycleway, be it on a national or a local scale, and (possibly as a feature of this) more involvement with local media in coverage of the weekend.

The CAN Do was also mentioned as being a good opportunity to promote the cycle training programme, and even use it as a time to have training for the trainers, as the majority of them are together for the Do.


Staff meeting additional comments

Better technology e.g. speakers to play for video clips

Location needs to be where there is easy access & high level of support from local group

Professional catering means not too much stress by spending adequate money- having paid dedicated catering assistants is good

Cash flow for spending during the weekend needs to be thought out better

Registration fee may need to be increased so can pay for professional caters etc

Consider Taupo in November to dove tail around Taupo 2010 (have CAN Do before hand)?