is a Melbourne-based business helping to promote workplace health and sustainability through active transport initiatives.

Active transport (such as walking and cycling) has an important role to play in reducing transport costs, congestion, air pollution, promoting health and enhancing the safety and livability of our cities.

The Benefits
Investment in cycling has been shown to be good for the bottom line. The UK Traffic Advisory Unit found that organisations that implemented cycling strategies received a return of between $1.33 and $6.50 for each $1 spent in cycle promotion, due to increased productivity.1

Walking and cycling promotion at the workplace also means:

  • A healthier, more productive workforce with lower levels of absenteeism
  • Less space required for parking
  • Less frustration and time wasted in traffic jams
  • A smaller carbon footprint and a great start towards a carbon neutral workplace!

"Cycling is a real silver bullet solution for the problems plaguing society: obesity, traffic congestion, air and noise pollution and climate change. It is evidence-based, cost-effective, feasible with existing technology, has wide public appeal, accessible to those who can most benefit and is sustainable."


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Why Choose Bikes@Work?

specialises in active transport consultancy to workplaces. We understand the needs and concerns of employers and follow an evidence-based, risk management approach in all our interventions.

Bikes@Work also appreciates that your time is precious. We can oversee the project from start to end, ensure the project is delivered within the desired timeframe and let your staff concentrate on what they do best.