Bike - the best way to work

Cycling in the rain #2: to Work is good for you:

  • better health - regular exercise brings major health benefits (cycling 7 km a day reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%; regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level equivalent to being 10 years younger)
  • save time - cycling can be the fastest & most predictable way to work - no traffic jams or timetables
  • save money - no parking fees, low running costs
  • convenient - no parking hassles, combines exercise with getting to work

Biking to Work is good for the environment:

  • the bike is energy and space efficient
  • the bike is non-polluting

Biking to Work is good for your employer:

  • cyclists make for a fitter, healthier, more productive workforce - cycling is an excellent stress reliever & cyclists take fewer sick days than non-cyclists
  • cycle parking is cheaper to provide than car parking & releases space for more productive use - 10 bikes can be parked in one car space
  • cycle commuters are more likely to arrive at work on time - bike journeys can befaster and more predictable than other work journeys
  • being a cycle-friendly employer has a positive image & can raise business profile

Want to find our how you can help make your employer more cycle-friendly?

Contact CAN for a copy of a Cycle-Friendly Employer guide. Join CAN or a local advocacy group to support their work for cyclists.