Bike friendly businesses


How to be a bike friendly business

Some of these ideas are aimed at customers, others at staff.


NZ case study 1: The Tai Tapu Store  provides a pump and offers bike tubes (see above pic). It's on the way to the Little River Rail Trail and is a popular destination for day riders from Chch.

NZ case study 2: Moore Wilsons on College St, Wellington provides great bike parking and a drinking fountain

For a cafe or retail business, the basics are to:

  • provide secure, convenient bike parking.
  • tool kit and spare parts available
  • electric bike charging
  • support local bike events
  • support local bike clubs and advocates e.g. join CAN (
  • work with local bike advocates for better bike lanes etc
  • water
  • toilets
  • advertise that they are bike-friendly



as above, plus
pick up service from airport / town centre / trail end
a place to clean bikes, esp if near off-road trails
workstand and tools
maps and guidebooks


And some links:

1. CAN runs cycle friendly awards

The following criteria are used:
number of people potentially affected

Success to date
of initiatives / person in encouraging cycling

applicability to other locations / organisations / commitment by person

relative uniqueness & innovation of initiative / person's action in NZ

2. SPARC publishes a guide for employers, aimed at making it easier for staff to bike:

3. For accommodation services: 5 Easy Ways to be a Bike-Friendly Business


5. This one is aimed at businesses and their staff.

Here's the basics:

The business provides secure and convenient bike parking. (2 points)
Showers are on-site and are free for employee use. (2 points)

There are incentives provided by the business for employees to commute to work by bike. (2 points)
The business works with local advocates to improve bicycling conditions for the community. (2 points)
The business supports a bicycle team/club. (1 point)

The business offers bicycle education classes. (2 points)
Bicycling education materials are available to employees on a regular basis. (1 point)

The business has a bike coordinator (full, part-time, or volunteer) to help promote cycling. (3 points)

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