Beautiful Bent Wood Basket for Chic Cargo-Carrying Cyclists

As bike culture comes into its own, many people switching to two-wheeled transportation want to ride with style. From "Cycle Chic" fashion shows in stylish Santa Barbara during National Bike to Work Month, to major designers revamping bikes into fashion statements, cyclists are looking for more than just a utilitarian form of transportation. That's why designs like this one by Faris ELmasu, which brings carrying cargo to a new level of style, are sure to become more and more common.

Stylish bike baskets can be hard to find. The best most of us can do is mounting a wicker picnic basket onto our bikes. But, as Yanko Design writes, designer Faris ELmasu is "about to change the entire world of bike baskets" with the Bent Wood Basket designed for those with an eye for the unusual/trend-setting/more-than-just-functional.

It's simple, calls to those with an Ikea-minimalist mindset, and with the right manufacturers, can easily be made from sustainable and recycled materials.

Cycling is clearly becoming more about getting from one place to another on the carbon-free cheap. It's every bit as much about expressing your personal style through your ride as one's choice of car has been in the past. And while we can make super-hardy cargo containers for under $20, sometimes we want something with more taste.