Avoid the Bays Sunday 23rd Feb and how to beat the system

Message from Sport Wellington - nice idea to bike the course before the event!

"The annual AMI Round the Bays run/walk is on. This is a Police / NZTA / Council enforced total road closure to cyclists. Avoid Evans Bay road.

Beat the system: Head east on Oriental Bay BEFORE 7.30am so you are well ahead of the closure. Or in the afternoon enter Shelly Bay from 1pm. Yes Roseneath is open all day so bypass Evans Bay road.

Previous issues involve cyclists going up the back of the event and walkers / joggers have been hit – not good! Last year photos were taken of cyclists on the course and later identified.

Also note a large amount of vehicles will be detouring between CBD, Newtown and Kilbirnie / Airport.

See attached and the highlighted bits in yellow will help.

http://www.wellingtonroundthebays.co.nz/ "

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