Auckland officially recognises peak oil as an infrastructure issue

From the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance:

2.45 Addressing many of Auckland’s key challenges involves decisions about infrastructure. For example the ability to meet social needs such as affordable housing and safety are linked to community infrastructure and public transport. People on lower incomes are particularly reliant on public transport to get to work.

It is essential that planning for infrastructure takes a long-term focus. This means taking into account global changes such as climate change and peak oil – might the Auckland if the future be less car-dependent, produce more weightless exports, and have a greater number of workers operating from home? Infrastructure designed around this scenario would mean less spending on roading but more on public transport and provision for fast broadband.

source: page 72$FILE/Vol1Part2.pdf?open

Also from p70:
2.39 It is clear that, unlike many other European, Australian and US cities, Auckland does not yet offer an effectively integrated transport system so that users can move easily between modes (for example, walking, car, cycling, public transport) to access a wide variety of destinations. Cities that offer such systems are increasingly being seen as more desirable places to live in terms of quality of life.