A step closer to a cycle friendly city?

FROCKS on Bikes member Isabella Cawthorn is one of 10 (out of 12) submitters in favour of lowering speed limits along the Golden Mile. She believes it will make the city safer and more cycle-friendly.

“This is the kind of trend that Wellington would be wise to encourage,” she says. “[Cycling] saves money, and that disposable income can be spent in the local economy or saved. A policy that provides for increased urban cycling will be celebrated for generations to come.”

The proposal, which will be discussed by the Wellington City Council on Thursday, is part of the “Restoring Wellington’s Golden Mile” project, which included allowing buses to travel through Manners Mall.

The proposal recommends lowering the speed limit to 30km/h along the Golden Mile and parts of Willis, Boulcott, Victoria, Taranaki, Dixon and Tory Streets. It also recommends lowering the speed limit on lower Cuba Street from Manners Street to Wakefield Street to10km/h in anticipation of the new-shared zone, which is being developed there.

Stuart Bullen, Wellington City Council senior traffic engineer, feels the proposal will benefit everyone who uses the route. “It will reduce fatal crashes. The majority of submissions supported this proposal, and many were from cyclists who use the routes regularly." “We carried out a traffic modelling exercise and feel there will be no time disadvantage to motorists as they already get held up by pedestrians crossing and cars parking.”

The proposal will go before the Strategy and Policy Committee for approval on September 16.

From Capital Times

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