A long ride: cycling from UK to Bangkok slideshow 3 July 2012

After six years living in London, New Zealanders Emma Philpott and Justin Hewitt decided to pack up everything and cycle back home.

Facing relentless rain, a string of punctures and dodgy suburban wild camping before they had even left England, they detoured into the Spanish mountains of Picos de Europa for some 'practice touring' before finally heading in the right direction. Covering much of the European-Asia landmass, they took a very indirect route down to Istanbul via Western Europe and the Balkans. After waiting out winter in Turkey, they headed for the vast flat roads of Russia, the wide open spaces of Mongolia, and densely populated lowlands of China. Ending their trip in laid back Southern Asia, they finally landed in Bangkok in February 2012, having spent almost two years on the road.

Join Emma and Justin at Cycle Aware Wellington's monthly meeting: Tue 3 July 2012 at 6pm, at The Library Bar, Courtenay Place.

caption: Laos