Vote Climate


Time to take climate action has never been more pressing. Our politicians seem to be hesitant to make the change needed

Vote Climate is about encouraging politicians to make the decisions that need to be made

CAN is part of a growing coalition covering workers, public transport, walking, cycling, and climate action groups. We want candidates in the upcoming local body elections to sign up to a set of straight-forward, but far-reaching commitments

We're asking local government candidates to sign up to:

1. More public transport, more often
More frequent services in cities and towns, and between centers and across regions

2. More affordable public transport
Increased trialling of reduced fare or free services to encourage and broaden uptake

3. Safer and easier walking & cycling
Investment in infrastructure to make cycling and walking safer and easier

4. More inter-city and regional public transport
Investing in train and bus services that make travel between cities, towns and regions easier

Take action:
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