Action on St Asaph Street

It's amazing to see the spread of good cycle infrastructure in Christchurch, along with the completion of new buildings and streets in the CBD. Strange things are happening though- the high-quality route on St Asaph Street is under threat of well-meaning 'changes' that CAN members ought keep an eye on.


Do you use St Asaph St on a bicycle? Do you have children who go to Discovery? Do you think you will use the Metro sports facility and access it by bicycle? If so, or even if you're not in Christchurch but want to see good quality cycle infrastructure supported in all NZ cities, take a look at this consultation proposing changes to the cycleway and let Christchurch City Council know what you think.

CCC staff and the transport engineers doing an assessment of the cycleway have flagged that the proposed Option Two, which will cost $1,200,000 and put in more carparks, has some road safety issues and is inconsistent with safety guidelines. Some people have also suggested that no change to the current design could also be an option; this isn't currently offered here. 

Submissions need to be in on the 6th October and Spokes Canterbury want to see a good representation of bicycle users of all kinds speaking about their use of the cycleway and the quality of cycleways NZ cities need to get more people on bikes more often. 

Keep an eye on Spokes Canterbury's social media page and website for more info.…/consultations-and…/haveyoursay/show/81