Ride of respect for Levi James, 12 March 2022

Bike Auckland invites Auckland’s wider community to join us in a ride of respect for Levi James.
This is an opportunity for the community to find a sense of closure and support in the wake of last Saturday's tragedy. Attendees may wish to bring flowers or other items they find appropriate to leave as a memorial, and we will provide a space to share a few words.
We invite all those who wish to participate to meet at 11am, Saturday 12 March, in Cornwall Park, Royal Oak; on the grass area between Olive Grove and Haydn Ave.
We will ride as a group through Cornwall Park before returning to Manukau Road and stopping to pay our respects.
Owing to current Covid regulations, we ask all those attending to have a vaccine pass ready and wear a face mask if possible. If attendance exceeds 100 people, we will split the ride into separate groups.