MET May 2019

MET May 2019

Agenda & minutes 

CAN DO 2019 location/date.
  -- contact Bike Auckland the deputy Chair Jolisa Gracewood. 
 -- CAN DO 2020 could be linked to Bike Expo or the Walk2Cycle conference. 
2  Patrick's cover for June/July 
 -- leaving 8th June back 16th July 10 days (working), then a holiday Japan 26th July to 1st Sept. 12 week stretch. 
 --  best solution is a short term contract 30 hours project manager. 
 -- Patrick could find a candidate. 
 -- Richard's would be the media contact. 
 --  They would need to focus on footpath cycling issues, elections, media via Richard, maybe CAN DO and working on our social media/website. 
- Going to slow due lack of enagement with Louise.


 - Lily could design the T shirts

 - We could talk to Rus from Trail fund. 

4 Bike Expo plan for 2020.
-- Moving to Nov 2020
-- CAN DO 2020 will be at the Bike Expo. 
5 Finanical positions - Grants
 --  Patrick is keen to do an Advocacy programme in Wellington Oct/Nov. 
 -- Cover for Patrick is urgent. 

6 Local Elections 

 -- Get cycling on the agenda. 

 -- Advisory local groups advice.

-- Depends on Patrick's cover. 

7 Scooter idea?

 -- PR needed

-- Patrick is researching. 



  1. Email Jolisa about the CAN DO 2019 Auckland potential (Patrick to draft content, Claire to send the first email) 
  2. Footpath cycling Chainlink article (Patrick) 
  3. Advocacy programme grant (Patrick to draft content and Claire to write the grant) 
  4. Online shop quote from Fuzion. (Claire) 
  5. Follow up Louise in the CAN Merchandise Proposal (Geoff) 
  6. Looking for grants options for Patrick cover and advocacy programme (Geoff) 
  7. Content for grant for Patrick's cover (Claire) 

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