Cyclists applaud funding tailwinds

New Government funding for cycling is good news, whether you ride a bike or not, say cycling advocates.

The Government has today announced $390m investment in walking and cycling over three years, including fully-funding Auckland's Skypath over the harbour bridge..

With more and more people discovering the joy and convenience of riding a bike, it's no surprise the Government wants to invest,” says Patrick Morgan, spokesman for Cycling Action Network (CAN).

But this is not just about getting on your bike. We're all better off with less congestion, lower transport bills, cleaner air and better health. That's why the AA supports cycling.”

Mr Morgan says the case for investing in cycling is compelling, but some councils have been slow to play their part.

With unprecedented Government investment, and strong public support, there is no excuse for councils to delay.”

While many councils are making good progress, some have got bogged down. They need to get with the programme.”

Mr Morgan credits successive Governments for their commitment to improving walking and cycling.

“The previous National-led Government set the pedals in motion. Now under the leadership of Phil Twyford and Julie Anne Genter we are getting up to speed.”

More people on bikes is the best bang for the buck in transport investment.”

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Wednesday, 22 August, 2018
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