Cycle Wellington News, 25 February 2020

Cycle Wellington News, 25 February 2020

Cycle Wellington News, 25 February 2020

Kia ora,

We love to ride but it could be much better. Let's take action together for better biking.

Memorial Ride - respect for Brent Norriss. and a call for action

Memorial Ride 17 Feb 2020
A huge thank you to everyone who made our Memorial Ride for Brent Norriss on 17 February a success. It was about respect, community and responsibility. 572 people rode from Parliament to Petone - twice what we expected.

From Brent's family:

"We are quite overwhelmed with what you have achieved in such a short space of time. As a family we are grateful for all that you have done and mum and I will also begin our battle/campaign to make this stretch of road safer for all cyclists. We cannot let Dad's death be in vain. Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved in making this event the success that it was."

Fixing Highway 2

We have good momentum to apply pressure to be sure SH2 to Petone is made safer for people on bikes. Representatives from Cycle Wellington, Hutt Cycling Network, and cycling clubs met with NZTA staff on 18 February to look at the way forward. We covered:

1. immediate measures to reduce risk on SH2, such as speed reduction, speed enforcement, widening the shoulder, and frequent maintenance

2. accelerating construction of the new seaward-side path, Te Ara Tupua

3. governance for improvements along the whole SH2 corridor.

Local NZTA staff will do what they can. The current status is consent preparation. Consenting could take 6 months to 2 years, then 3 years construction. We need to advocate higher up the ladder at NZTA to accelerate Te Ara Tupua. NZTA can move fast when they want to (e.g. Kaikoura highway rebuild), so it's possible to build Te Ara Tupua sooner than the 5+ years predicted.

Take action today

Hold our leaders responsible for fixing unsafe roads.

1. Let Minister of Transport Phil Twyford ( know your thoughts on the need to fix this dangerous road.

2. Let your local MP know your thoughts. (

3. Write to NZTA's CEO Nicole Rosie ( to ask for immediate fixes for SH2 such as speed reductions.

Join the team

Cycle Wellington
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What we achieve depends on volunteers like you. We need to run our campaigns and websites, support CAN's project manager Patrick Morgan, rent an office and meeting rooms. Show your support by giving generously today. CAN is a registered charity (CC36909) under the Charities Act 2005. 

Have your say

We'll be in touch soon to help you have your say on Wellington plans for 30 km/h streets, the parking policy review, and the spatial plan. These will enable city streets that are better for biking.

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Pedal on 

It’s bound to be a year full of activity and events too so stay tuned for more via email on upcoming events. As we close the Aotearoa Bike Challenge this February, here are a few events to keep you pedalling happy!


Go Home By Bike - Bike the Hutt Feb 28

Riverbank Sunset Ride - Feb 28

Motherload - The Movie - Feb 29


Thanks again for taking part in this community and helping it grow. If you know other people interested in signing up or hearing more, share the link to our sign up: 


Keep pedaling and smile at other friendly road users.

Linda Beatson and Mark Johnston

Cycle Wellington Co-Chairs

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