Chainlinks issue 6 2006

Welcome to the 10th birthday edition of ChainLinks.
I attended the first day of CAN Do in Wellington. Wellington displayed fabulous
weather on Saturday – it reminded me why I live in sunny Christchurch. I was very
impressed by the people who arrived by bike in THAT weather. The atmosphere
among the attendees was great – even for a not-that-serious cyclist.
I found it a mixture of fun and learning. The presentations and discussions covered
all sorts of stuff. See page 19 for more details. Fiona Whero and Simon Kennett and
others did a great job organising it.
I also learnt that it is quite scary to be on a triple tandem. And no way am I going on
a penny farthing but I am saving up for a folding bike to go touring overseas with.
Please send feedback on the new look and layout of ChainLinks.
All content and letters to editor welcomed. (They were omitted from this edition due to
Also, any suggestions for potential advertisers and sponsors would be appreciated.
Jean Dorrell, ChainLinks Editor

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