Accessible Streets submission 2020

Accessible Streets Submission from Cycling Action Network


We support the package. It makes sensible changes to make the roads safer for people who walk, bike, scoot or use other active transport.

We think these changes are particularly important:
● Allowing children, parents, the elderly and other people on bikes to choose to use footpaths in situations where they are unsafe on our roads.
● Sharing cycle lanes with eg micromobility devices, to give people a safe place to operate them off footpaths and separated from motor vehicles.
● Aligning the road rules with already existing, safe cycling behaviour.

We think these changes don’t go far enough:
● The minimum overtaking gap is set too close and at too high speeds. It doesn't apply in cycle lanes, when most are little more than a strip of paint. We think it should recognise the increased danger of heavy vehicles.
● While we support the proposals around giving buses, cyclists and pedestrians increased right of way at intersections, we think that unnecessary restrictions around when these new rules apply will cause confusion and increase the risk of crashes.

We think further changes would fit well alongside the Accessible Streets regulatory package:
● We welcome NZTA's acknowledgement that it is not necessary to mandate the use of helmets while operating transport devices. Considering that bicycles are operating in the same spaces, and at the same speeds, we call for a review of the mandatory helmet legislation for cyclists. We believe building safe cycle lanes and paths remains the most
important way to improve safety.
● Clearly assigning responsibility for vehicle and device users by weight and size
● Setting safe vision standards for heavy goods vehicles operating in cities.

Full submission is attached as a PDF


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