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Welcome  to another Chainlinks. We hope your 2018's off to a great start.

We're looking at some big changes this year. As we said in our newsletter before Christmas, the tragic loss of life in 2017 shows that New Zealand's current approach to road safety is failing.
As CAN's Project Manager Patrick Morgan says, after decades of safety improvements, road deaths and injuries have been rising again since 2013. ‘This is unacceptable and needs to change,' says Patrick.
A top priority for CAN is to advocate for an effective programme that reduces risk on our streets and roads, such as Vision Zero.
CAN says: NZTA leadership on safer speed limits is required if we're to reduce road deaths and injuries.
In this Chainlinks we're featuring Vision Zero and how it's already being promoted around the Network.
We've launched a major, survey-based campaign to build support for better road safety, with Vision Zero taking a central role.
People on bikes will benefit from safer speeds, investment in quality cycleways, better intersection designs, smarter enforcement of road rules, and effective education for all road users. 
Our communities will be enhanced with improved safety, more pleasant streets and better transport choices for everyone. 



Vision Zero Feature 1: Have Your Say

Vision Zero Feature 2: Hamilton's Journey

Vision Zero Feature 3: Tragedy in Auckland

Vision Zero Feature 4: Vision for Christchurch

Girl Power turns Cambridge Pink

Bikes in Schools legend Paul McArdle gets a well-deserved acknowledgement

Opinion piece: Spanish drivers: Not what you'd think!

CAN-Do Workshop plans

Bluff or Bust: Patrick's Tour Aotearoa

Weblinks: Kiwi kids house-bound, the takeover of e-Bikes, idiocy in Auckland and more 

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About Cycling Action Network

CAN is New Zealand's national network of cycling advocates. We work with government, local authorities, businesses and the community on behalf of cyclists, to enhance communities by getting more people on bikes more often.  

Complete our quick Cycling Safety Survey

NZTA CycleLife photo (Detail)

Our Local Groups carry out the crucial work of advocacy for a better deal for people on bikes at Councils and on the streets around NZ.

Our Board and Exec work to support them, and our project manager Patrick Morgan is our media spokesperson.

Here is our Work Plan for 2018.

Check out our website and Facebook page, and join the FB Discussion Group

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We've a serious workload ahead but we'll get there together

Vision Zero: Have your say on what needs to be done 

Have Your Say on Cycling Safety

Take our quick survey: We're asking organisations, groups and individuals round NZ to tell us - and Government - what measures and policies YOU need to feel safer making journeys by bike. We'll be bringing the results to the Government's major Road Safety Summit in coming weeks.

This will give CAN and our allies powerful information and support in our journey to get more people on bikes more often, enhancing our communities and environment.

Vision Zero: Hamilton's Journey 

Hamilton, Waikato

Explaining the 'Zero' Part of Vision Zero: How Hamilton City Council are now including Vision Zero in their draft Long Term Plan.

Peter and Cycle Aware Hamilton, working with allies inside Council, achieved a breakthrough. Here's a timeline of how they did it.... 

Read more... By Peter Bos.

Put your skills to work for a cause you love! Volunteers needed:

  • Drupal-friendly techie for helping to wrangle our website
  • Members of our Management + Executive Team, to put our Board's strategy into action

Volunteers can work from anywhere, just contact our friendly Volunteer Manager William Ho at williamh@can.org.nz or phone Will Andrews on 021 02692724.  

Vision Zero: Tragedy in Auckland 

John Bonner

Tragedy in Auckland: From the Bike Auckland Blog: An insight into how current transport thinking, and how we configure NZ roads, is failing us.

I’ve written and deleted this post a few times since the recent tragic death of John Bonner on Te Atatu Road.

Read more... By Bryce Pearce.

Vision Zero: Towards Vision Zero in Christchurch

Enforcement and education are fundamental components of Vision Zero. This vehicle has been parked in such a way that vehicles crossing the cycleway cannot see people on bikes (St Asaph Street cycleway, Christchurch, November 2017).

A clever approach that, as in Hamilton, is prompting a City Council to look at the Vision Zero philosophy.

Perceptions of safety are a serious barrier to people taking up cycling. Vision Zero is an approach to road safety that has, as its aim, zero fatalities or serious injuries. CAN and Living Streets Aotearoa together endorsed Vision Zero at the 2 Walk and Cycle Conference in mid-2016, and local councils and community boards are beginning to pick up the idea. 

Read more... By David Hawke. 

Girl Power turns Cambridge Pink

Turning Cambridge PinkThis week Cambridge turned pink when Far North Flash, the under 13 girls racing team from Kaitaia led by coach Phil Gibbs, took to Waikato roads. 

Read more...  And contribute to girl power here: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/helpfarnorthflashyouth

Cycling Advocate Paul McArdle Honoured

Paul McArdle honoured for his workAfter founding the Bike On New Zealand Charitable Trust in 2010, Havelock North man Paul McArdle has been tireless in his mission to get more kids on bikes, more often.

Read more... 

Last week a car driver didn’t give me 1.5 metres clearance when overtaking me on my bike.

Sunset on the Mediterranean

Why's that a big deal, you ask? Because it happened in Spain. And in Spain the drivers are so aware of and so courteous towards cyclists. 

Read more... Opinion piece by Nick Miller, CAN member in Orewa. 

What's the GPS and why is it good news for us?

We can expect some very good news when the Govt Policy Statement (GPS) on transport is announced in March. 
This is a key document which sets out the Govt's priorities and plans. Actual spending will be confirmed in the Budget, in May. As signalled by the Ministers, we can expect:

  • A new focus on walking, accessibility, cycling and public transport
  • More resources and a new approach to road safety
  • Safer speeds 
  • Programmes that will make it easier for kids to walk and cycle to school
  • An expanded cycling education programme
  • Increased consideration of the environmental effects of transport 
  • Increased consideration of the health effects of transport

Sounds great to me! We are winning. 

But there will be push back. There always is when you change the status quo. As I see it, we have a crucial role to play. We need to keep advocating for active and safe transport choices for all New Zealanders. 

We need to present a robust case for change, supported by data and compelling stories. We need to support each other, celebrate successes, to listen and engage with people around us. 

Thanks for all your work for cycling, and for improving lives -Patrick.

Annual CAN-Do is under construction

Every year the Network comes together for a mini-conference and workshop. 

For 2018 we're rolling in with the 2WalkandCycle conference, in late July in Palmerston North. Watch the website and Facebook page for more details.

The Aotearoa Bike Challenge is back!


The Aotearoa Bike Challenge is a fun, free competition that’s all about seeing which workplaces can get the most people to ride a bike for just 10 minutes or more. It’s not just bragging rights on the line, they're giving away awesome prizes - including e-bikes! Join the Challenge and log your rides and you're in!

Bluff or bust

CAN Project Manager Patrick Morgan is swapping an office chair for a bike saddle for the next month. Starting on 10 February, he's riding the 3,000 km Tour Aotearoa from Cape Reinga to Bluff.. 

Patrick's training hard!'You might be surprised how sedentary my work can be,' he says. 'Although I love what I do for CAN, there's a lot of keyboard bashing, phone calls and meetings. I can't wait to start the ride.' 

More than 600 people will line up for Tour Aotearoa, starting in six waves over a 2-week period. It's not a race. Riders have up to 30 days to reach Bluff, following cycle trails, quiet roads and a few highways. They must carry all their own gear, in addition to which Patrick will carry a Spot Tracker device, enabling people to follow his progress in real time at the MAProgress site

Patrick's goals are to complete the event and to raise $20,000 for CAN.

'CAN works hard to improve cycling. We advocate for safety, for more cycleways, and to get more kids on bikes. When we succeed, we get healthier people, more fun, and better cities. Our new Government means amazing new opportunities to make progress on safe and attractive biking. To be effective, CAN depends on the generosity of people who support what we do,' he says. 'Please show your support for better cycling in New Zealand, by helping me raise funds for CAN'

'Thanks to all who've offered support already: I've received encouragement, gear, repairs, advice, offers of accommodation and generous donations to CAN.

'Every dollar you give goes to making our streets safer and more attractive for cycling. You can donate at CAN's Givealittle page. Thanks!'

See also:


Auckland Transport 'going rogue' with vicious cuts to cycling, walking programmes: https://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/afternoons/audio/2018629567/auckland-transport-accused-of-going-rogue 

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Kiwi kids are barely venturing from home: http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/343641/kids-barely-venturing-from-home-study

Hamilton City Council have gathered lots of biking-related info onto one page on their website: http://www.hamilton.govt.nz/our-services/transport/bike-hamilton/Pages/default.aspx 

Wellington’s not to be outdone. This beautiful website breaks down the barriers to getting people on bikes http://bikethere.org.nz

Electric bike ride spanning New York to Las Vegas costs under US$5 in electricity: https://cyclingindustry.news/electric-bike-ride-spanning-new-york-to-las-vegas-costs-under-5-in-electricity/ 

E-Bike shop in England introduces 'speed pedelecs', but with in-store registration service attached: https://cyclingindustry.news/electric-bike-shop-introduces-speed-pedelecs-with-in-store-registration-service-attached/

Mexico City is improving liveability and healthy air by simple reforms to parking rules: https://www.itdp.org/mexico-city-became-leader-parking-reform/

Automated vehicles: Will they push out cycling and walking?   https://www.polisnetwork.eu/publicnews/1589/45/Polis-launches-discussion-paper-on-automated-vehicles

Abley Consultants in Christchurch helped figure out employees' safe biking routes to work, and netted a Bike to the Future award: https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/better-business/98134922/christchurch-companys-travel-scheme-wins-cycling-award 


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