People of Wellington - Amy Jean Barnett

Amy Barnett is a veteran when it comes to bicycle commuting. She is accustomed to biking in cities such as London and Berlin, but the biking here in Wellington, she says “is not as scary, it’s just not as enjoyable”. 

This artist and government strategist likes the passive exercise and the speed at which she can get to places on a bike. She is a big believer that design has the ability to change behaviour.  

“Once better and more bike lanes are built in Wellington, especially in the central city, more people will get out and ride.”

“Cycling should be brought out of the sporty Lance Armstrong niche and into the mainstream.”

“It is too hard for most people to start biking in the city. The people who ride currently have had to build that experience up over time. It needs to feel safe even for beginners or else it won't take off.”

By Matt Lorah