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Bike Newtown

In July 2017 WCC started looking at options for the Southern Cycle Route through Newtown.

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Bicycle Nelson Bays

Here's our mian website:
Bicycle Nelson Bays mission is to increase the numbers, activity and safety of cyclists in the Nelson region, with a particular focus on on- and off-road urban cycle routes. We aim to do this by


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Cycle Action North Rodney

Join us and make North Rodney a better place to bike.

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Sand pit

The "Sand pit" is a group set up for people running local groups on the CAN website to share useful resources, ask questions, and practice adding and editing content.

The impetus for this group came from a workshop at the 2010 CAN-Do run by Stephen Blyth (...

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Cycling advocacy group in Gisborne.

We promote the benefits of cycling and encourage Gisborne to be a ‘cycle-centric city’ that is safe for cyclists and walkers.

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Mana Cycle Group

Mana Cycle Group also has a website and a Facebook Group

Want something fixed?
For any road maintenance issues (aside from for SH1, SH58)...

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Southland Active Transport

Cycling advocacy group for Southland

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Technical/Policy Portfolio

This group is for the development of CAN policies on various topics and providing technical (planning/design) advice to members and others.

This group work includes policy creation (framework already exists and several policies have been finalised), technical advice and discussion, legal...

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Central Org Relationships & Submissions Portfolio

This Group is for the development and maintenance of all relationships and other communications with Central Organisations. These orgs could include:

  • Various Govt agencies including NZTA, Min. of Transport, Min. of Health, SPARC, Police, etc
  • Political parties and their MPs (...
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Glass Campaign Working Group

If you're interested in issues such as Glass on Roads, please go to the Glass on Roads Forum

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