CAW Meeting 1 April 2014 agenda

Location: 2 Forresters Lane, opposite Tory St Bunnings, Wellington

  1. Introductions
  2. Previous meeting
  3. Island Bay-CBD latest. New WCC webpage.
  4. Feedback from WCC Annual Plan oral presentations - how they went, and what the questions were
  5. A quick item about the tunnel courtesy campaign
  6. Other upcoming submissions
  7. Advance warning of AGM and elections at May meeting
  8. Living streets give way proposal
  9. Johnsonville triangle proposals
  10. Moonlight easter egg hunt 16 April, meet outside Freyberg Pool at 6pm
  11. Rants and Raves


Groups audience: 


and consultation: Wellington Regional Public Transport Plan 2014

Not sure yet if I'll be able to make it.  But FYI, I did my own submission on the WCC Draft Annual Plan, which revisited a same submission last year that the WCC in line with their 2008 Transport Policy adopt a set of best-practice guidelines for the cycle network and route planning.  For details see the submission.

The council asked me to work with Andy Foster on this, but I suggest that CAN may want to get behind this.  We should agree ourselves that it makes sense to have a framework for principles and guidelines that can be referenced when pointing out issues with the current cycling facilities but also guiding the design of improvements.  And we then should come up with the set of proposed guidelines.

Below are some example guidelines taken from my submission:

  • The higher the speed of vehicle traffic, the more separation is required for routes with a high number of cyclists, e.g.

    • Where the road speed limit is higher than 50 Km/Hour there needs be a dedicated cycling lane with a barrier (posts or guard) protecting from vehicle traffic.  If there is no room for a dedicated cycling lane and no suitable alternative route for either cyclists or vehicles, the road speed limit should be lowered to 30 Km/Hour

    • Where the road speed limit is between 30 Km-50Km/Hour, there needs to be a clearly marked or dedicated cycling lane.  Where there is no room for this, the road speed limit should be dropped to 30 Km/Hour and cyclist given full right of way

  • Shared foot/cycle paths must have a minimum width of 4 meters, and ensure safe sharing between pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Cyclist are traffic.  Therefore vehicles need to give way to cyclists as they do for other vehicles, e.g.

    • Turning vehicles must give way to cyclist going straight through

    • For high traffic areas, side roads should have a crossing protecting both cyclists and pedestrians