CAW March 2014 meeting

Sustainability Trust, Foresters Lane


Island Bay route:

  • an update on our recommendations for the route and infrastructure type
  • an update on looking for a fixed term campaign manager supporting fundraising and the Island Bay route 
  • feedback on Thursday's public meeting about the potential Island Bay route through the Mornington Golf Course - Eleanor

Other topics:

  • stories and feedback (and photos if possible) from Go By Bike Day and Ciclovia
  • Wellington CBD 30k consultation and WCC budget consultation - discussion and reminder to respond/spread the word - guidance and suggestions for responses to circulate to your networks of cycling friends.
  • an update from the Basin hearing if I've spoken by then (getting delays at the moment) - James
  • communications strategy for CAW - Jill
  • Newtown Big Bike fixup day Sat 8 March, 10am-1pm. Volunteers needed.
  • Advance Stop Boxes and approach lanes: do we need to consult with WCC about how these are implemented?
  • Tour bus parking outside Library in Victoria St - will this impact on cyclists?

Rants and raves



Groups audience: 


Linda from Opus will come along and tell us about the Petone to Grenada Link Road.

There'll be a last chance to get in on the next order of Lovecycling t-shirts. Woohoo!