CAW August 2011 meeting agenda

Agenda for CAW meeting 6.00 - 7.30pm 2 August, Library Bar, Courtenay Place

  1. Review minutes July meeting
  2. Moving Planet - 350's plans for September 24  (Julia from 350 attending)
  3. Submissions update - Public Transport review, NZTA consultation, Wellington 2040
  4. NZTA/Tunnel Alliance Basin Reserve and Ruahine street project. Feedback from the two meetings.
  5. Freewheeling 2011 Festival - will CAW do event(s)? Launch 30 October. Contact Sarah Grant, WCC.
  6. Funding Cycling in Wellington Blog
  7. CAW rep on Wellington Trails Alliance
  8. 30 second rave!


Groups audience: 


Sorry I can't make the meeting, I'm at a conference in Gisborne.

I've finished the Public Transport review - thanks for the comments James and Tom.

The Wellington 2040 plan is a google doc which I've shared, due 15th August - any comments, idea very welcome.