Spoke’N Word, a storytelling and cycling adventure

On the 31st January 2011, Tanya Batt will set off from Waiheke Island, to cycle to the glorious capital of Aotearoa/New Zealand, Wellington, on 25 February, on behalf of the Once Upon An Island Trust. www.OnceUponAnIsland.info

She will be collecting and telling stories in schools, libraries & festivals along the way for inclusion in a book all about cycling for primary aged children.

25 February: Tanya Batt will meet Celia Wade Brown and some students and other enthusiastic adults under the Queens Wharf sails at 11am. We will suggest people meet by 10.45 and then Tanya can arrive at 11am to a cheering enthusiastic group.

· The group will cycle, scoot or walk along to Te Papa – leaving as a group or in waves depending on the numbers involved – and regroup again at Te Papa.

· We will place Marshalls in high viz vests at the bridge across the lagoon and direct the group across the flat part of the bridge.

· We will regroup again at Te Papa where we will meet the Little Red Truck support vehicle in its full splendor and be met by a Te Papa representative.

· We will organise a place to leave our bicycles/scooters in a safe, watched place.

· We will be escorted up to the Marae area of Te Papa where Celia will officially welcome Tanya (around 11.30am) to the city and speak in celebration of sustainable transport.

· Then Tanya will share some stories from her journey. We will be all finished by 12.30