CAW February 2011 meeting agenda

Tue 1 February 2011, at The Library, 53 Courtenay Place, level 1 (above Burger King)

Agenda (add items below)

1 welcome and introductions (5 mins)

1a Bryan Pepperell WCC Councillor - Portfolio leader for Walking, Cycling, Motorcycling & Safety (10 minns)

2 Upcoming events (10 mins)

  • Love to roll - Sun 13 Feb - marshalls required
  • Go By Bike Day - Wed 16 Feb - volunteers required for the breakfast, ideas for CAW stall.
  • Bike commuting activiities as part of Newtown Festival 25 Feb - 23 March. Don Mackay suggests Newtown cyclists getting together on designated days to cycle into town - possible media event/ councillor involvement.
  • Spoke'N Word, a storytelling and cycling adventure, Fri 25 Feb, 11am, Queen's Wharf. Volunteers marshalls wanted for a short ride to Te Papa. Please contact Emma Hope at WCC tel 499 4444.
  • Volunteers wanted for Big Coast 14-15 March (message from John Wilmer)

3 Meetings (10 mins)

  • Feedback from WCC - SASTRAG: action from blackspot presentation
  • Upcoming GW - Active transport -Bikes on trains (GWRC report presented March, CAW should make a presentation) - and keep pushing on bikes on buses?

4 Thanks to WCC for improvements. (5 mins) Action - formal letter of thanks

5 Upcoming Submissions (TBC)

6 Progress/Plan for 2011 (10 mins)

  • what next for black spots
  • cycle facility on Quays
  • advance stop boxes

7 Chainlinks - CAN wants feedback on the value of the magazine, as opposed to concentrating on communication through the website, etc.

8. For info: CAN has re-employed Patrick Morgan as project manager for 2011. He is working half-time from CAN's relocated office at 8A Horner St, Newtown.

9 please add you agenda item and give it a time allocation.



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