July Meeting: 6 July at the Library, Courtenay Place

We have a new meeting venue at The Library, 53 Courtenay Place, level 1 (above Burger King) so come along and check it out - yah a venue for food and beverages!!

Please add/edit your agenda items and timing

  1. introductions (5mins)
  2. feedback from planning tea party (10mins)
  3. Upcoming Submissions (10mins)
    1. Golden Mile speed limits (due 16 July)
  4. CAN update, Patrick (5 mins)
  5. Tunnels alternative routes project (5 mins)
  6. CAN Do, 30-31 Oct in Wellington (5 mins)
  7. Transmission Gully (5 min)
  8. Nominations for Cycle Friendly Awards due 3 Sept
  9. Your chance to rant (10 min)



Groups audience: