CAW planning tea party 27 June 2010

CAW planning meeting for 2010 priorities (and tea party); this will be held
SUNDAY 27th June at Illona’s house (12 Carlisle St, Island Bay) 1pm - 4pm.

turn off The Parade onto Avon St.
Go right on Clyde.
Go left on Thames.
Go right on Melbourne.
At the end, go left up the steep bit.
Push your bike up the zigzag to Illona's place.

cupcakes Cup cakes will be served!
Topics/issues raised might include:
• Thorndon – signage for cars travelling to/from businesses and crossing the
• Oriental Parade.
• Waterfront to CBD access routes for cyclists (e.g. Whitmore St, Bowen St)
• Karori tunnel, Glenmore St.
• Shelly Bay and nearby – possibility of the road being closed to cars for 1
(Sun)day per month to make an area for safe cycling/walking, etc.
• Possibility of establishing a marked cycle-lanes along the waterfront in
light of heavy traffic on the Quays and possible cyclist/pedestrian conflict
along the waterfront.
• Pushing for better links to existing cycle paths and facilities.
• A celebratory event (e.g. Love to Roll).
• Bus driver training & informing cyclists of issues bus drivers face (a bus at
go-by-bike day?)
• Push for establishing obvious “cycle boulevards” – arterial routes for cyclists.
• Efforts to encourage cyclists to make themselves more visible on the roads
(lights, reflectors, etc).
• Encourage more “slip-by” lanes for cyclists at suitable give way signs.
Assisting at CAN Do, 30-31 Oct.

Groups audience: 


Received from a member today:

Please ask the council to shift the lighting lampposts that impeded progress on the Thorndon/Old Hutt Road cycleway.
They are a hazard and a danger to both cyclists and pedestrians because they are located right in the middle of the cycleway.
They should be moved to the far edge of the area.


Emma Roache

and see draft minutes which are attached to above webpage