CAW monthly meeting

CAW's regular monthly meeting - Southern Cross Tavern, Abel Smith Street

 CAW March meeting:  Southern Cross Tavern, Abel Smith Street - 6-7.30pm in the function room

  1. welcome
  2. BikeWise month – highlights from the audience
  3. update on LTCCP
  4. update on Great Harbour Way
  5. update on GW active transport forum
  6. Plan of attack - meeting with Councils
  7. Planning meeting (Sunday 8th of March.  4-6pm with dinner after – 12 Carlisle Street)
  8. BUGS
  9. Cycle conference – Nov 2009
  10. News from CAN
  11. local issues
  12. Any other business
  13. Accounts

 If there is any other business please let Illona know -

We need a volunteer to take minutes please

Groups audience: