The 10th National Bike Summit in Washington, DC & L.A. Street Summit 2010: Biking, Walking & Beyond

Elizabeth from StreetFilms went to the 10th National Bike Summit in Washington DC with her camera, and the video below is the result. It's great to hear from so many people and organisations working hard to fix the transportation sector, a crucial piece of the puzzle if we are to move to a more sustainable society. It can't be done without some policy changes, so we need effective lobbying if cyclists are to get their fair share of infrastructure and legislative protection.

Sizing up the City

People move about our cities in many ways. Babies are pushed around in buggies, people with disabilities propel themselves around in electric wheelchairs. People walk or ride bicycles; others catch public transport - buses, trams or trains. Many people rely on carbon-based fuels to power the technology that moves them about: they take their own cars. To support the 'just-in-time' delivery systems, drivers move goods all over our cities many times a day in light vans. Heavy truck drivers take goods to and from the ports and airports.

Why don't people walk and cycle?

The report draws on data gathered by SPARC to provide an assessment of the reasons for why people don't walk and cycle in New Zealand. The purpose is to give useful background knowledge for a 2004/2005 survey of pedestrian and cyclists' perceptions, help in the design of measures to increase walking and cycling, and to contribute to the "Getting there-on foot, by cycle strategy".

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