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Why regulating cyclists is unnecessary and harmful

Why don't cyclists have compulsory licencing, training and insurance? Because it would be utterly pointless.

It doesn't really matter what you write about on the bike blog, at some point a reader will emerge with the same irascible complaint: why, oh why, they ask, should cyclists expect any sympathy – let alone special treatment – when they don't need a licence or insurance? What about number plates?

City Council Hears Sides of Bike Lane Battle (NYC)

The Brooklyn borough president, Marty Markowitz, sang a self-written song about bicycle lanes to the tune of a popular selection from “The Sound of Music”: “These are a few of my favorite lanes.” A 40-year resident of Park Slope, Brooklyn, testified that an influx of cyclists had made her afraid to cross the street in front of her house.

Co-benefits of Walking and Cycling (course)

Co-benefits of Walking and Cycling
(Thursday 10 February)

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Presented by the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities

This course is designed to bring together key local and international researchers, with policy analysts in local and central government, NGOs and members of the public, to consider the evidence for co-benefits of active journeys -- particularly benefits for population health, climate change, and quality of life -- and how this evidence can be strengthened and acted upon effectively.

Dutch Bike fact-finding Tour (from Gazelle Bicycles in Australia)

Hello cycling friends,

In May 2011 I am organising a Dutch Bicycle Study Tour for at least 30 Australians (or NZers) who will be learning about best bicycle infrastructure practice and sharing that information with their contacts on return to Australia. The journey will be filmed by 2 documentary film makers and they are looking for sponsors for the trip.

There will be a website set up that will be used as a resource for local planners, cyclists and media and I believe will be a very popular website into the future since I receive many emails about this trip.

Listener Editorial: Breaking the Cycle

Angry and inconsiderate drivers have no place on our roads.

Following last weekend’s carnage in which three cyclists were killed by cars, the chief coroner is reportedly considering an investigation into cycle safety. Judge Neil MacLean’s willingness to look into the issue is welcome. An inquiry by a member of the judiciary might just jolt motorists into awareness that bikes are entitled to be on the roads, and remind them how vulnerable cyclists are to a tonne or more of speeding metal.

Back Benches does cycling: Nov 24

Back Benches current affairs TV show - Cycling stories start half way through chapter 1:

Russell Tregonning on Great Harbour Way.
Stephen Franks, Rajen Prasad and Gareth Hughes on road behviour, helmets, and riding in France.
CAN's Alana Joe on share the road.
Peter Sheppard on driver training.

Stream it here

Mike Hosking: Nip cyclist demands in bud with dose of reality

Five cyclists killed in six days - including British tourist Jane Mary Bishop, run over by a truck after she swerved to avoid a car door a motorist opened on Tamaki Drive, Auckland - has fuelled debate over road safety in New Zealand and the rights of cyclists versus motorists.

I find myself in two worlds about this matter: in both camps.

I drive the V8. I am the man who honks. I love the car; the car rules the road.