CAN Do 2011 session 9: CAN website, Cycling Around the World, Cycle Aware Wellington

CAN website

Presented by: Stephen Wood (CAN)

The CAN website serves as our public website and also hold pages for local groups, working groups and the committee. Since last year it also now holds our membership database.  Stephen does some of the maintenance to keep the website running, and some is done by our hosting company, Egressive.

Recent proposal from Tim Gummer: to improve usability and aesthetics- design and layout fixes.  Initial work to be carried out for free, but will charge for the work to be continued.  There is some useful stuff in the proposal- but need to establish costs and agreement.

Website issues to go to Stephen/Anne-

Cycling Around the World

Presented by: Patrick Morgan (CAN)

Patrick reported on his recent Churchill Fellowship study trip to look at cycling initiatives in Japan, UK, Europe and California, and presented a slideshow.

Cycle Aware Wellington

Presented by: Patrick Morgan (CAN)

  • CAW has an active committee
  • Relationships with other groups- Cycling in Wellington, Frocks on Bikes. Have common messages: normalising cycling, cycling as transport
  • Council negotiated discounts on folding bikes- to get around peak hour restrictions on bikes on trains
  • Great Harbour Way project is going ahead
  • CAW annual report 2010/2011 can be viewed on the CAN website