CAN Do 2011 session 4: Stop At Red campaign, Cycle Action Whakatane/BikeWise

Stop at Red

Presented by: Patrick Morgan (CAN)

  • Perception of cyclists as not law-abiding
  • Campaign funded by Road Safety Trust (not CAN)
  • Hove to show respect to earn respect
  • You can get ticketed for running red lights
  • How to trigger lights- positioning yourself over detector loops
  • Website
  • Probably won't go much further with it than have already done
  • Cyclists have to be doubly squeaky clean
  • Is there scope for changes for cyclists within upcoming changes to Give Way rules? No- it's a very long process.

Cycle Action Whakatane/BikeWise

Presented by: Richard Hamer (Cycle Action Whakatane)

Inspired by attending a workshop earlier this year, with presentations from Model Communities (Paul McArdle & New Plymouth District Council).  As a result, started two projects:

  • Bikes in Schools- like swimming, bikes for use in school; including maintenance schedule
  • bike park

BikeWise- two locals in Whakatane got the contract to look after the national BikeWise website.

Two main events:

  • Big Bike Fix Up
  • Leading Light campaign