CAN Do 2011 session 1: "Ride On" cycle training

"A Recipe for Ride On"- for SASTA presentation. Emphasis on integration.

Presented by: Marg Parfitt, road safety advisor Nelson City Council, and Sarah Downs, Tasman District Council/Nelson City Council school travel planner.

  • Nelson has a rich history of cycling initiatives, including Bobbies on Bikes, 0800 cyclecrash (no longer NZTA supported but still going) and Upcycle!
  • But something is not right yet- still have injuries, obesity, school gate chaos
  • Have been working in silos- Police, school travel plans, promotion, adult skills, safety campaigns
  • Ride On is a new project with an integrated approach, including health, sport/recreation, Police, council community road safety, schools, clubs, wider community
  • Cake baking analogy: need the right ingredients (had them already), follow recipe; right mix, get balance right.  Add and blend ingredients.
  • Ingredients: stakeholders, skills trailer, tutors, UpCycle (upskilling adults on bikes), map, theory
  • Mixing: classroom time- using map to help plan safer routes to school- game using points based on intersection difficulty grading (could give extra points for hi-vis?)
  • Add the theory test- based on CAN Bikeability booklets, NZTA, Road Code. For 11-14 yr olds.
  • Mix in the cycle skills trailer- built by the Mens Shed; 12 BMX bikes. Also a promotional tool- take to events.
  • Blend in some tutoring- trained to help students run bike & safety checks; ABCs
  • Fold in flour & baking powder- cake will fail otherwise: tutors and Police Education Officers
  • Training to ride on the road- main ingredient. 1:6 tutor:student ratio required
  • Partnership with local Police Education Officer- essential to ensure complement what they do
  • Extra ingredients: community events, holiday programmes, UpCycle
  • Pour into mix and cook!
  • Desired outcomes: more students cycling to school- cycle trains, lower incidence of bike crashes, more students riding independently to school
  • Longer term- more people biking, more safely, more often
  • Integration also had benefits that funding could be pooled.