Donations Policy

Policy Status: 
Final Policy
Policy Statement: 

Cycling Advocates' Network is pleased to accept monetary or non-monetary gifts from a donor or sponsor for general funds, member groups, specific campaigns, projects or activities for Cycling Advocates' Network.

Policy Priority: 
A - High
Release Date: 
Mon, 04/12/2010


Cycling Advocate's Network (CAN) became a registered charity under the New Zealand Charities Commission in 2009, so it is imperative we have a policy on donations.  Donations made by members have been forwarded to their specific user group in the past, assuming that was the intent of the donation.  However, as CAN is the registered charity rather than the user group (in most cases), unless otherwise specified, the assumption must be made that the donor is making a donation to CAN, not the user group.  As such, the proposed donations policy states that all donations will be assumed to be untied and for the sole use of CAN not the relevant user group.  On all documentation, there will be the requirement to state this: unless otherwise stated, all donations will be assumed to be made to CAN.

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