Fundraising Co-ordinator


CAN and many of its local groups require on-going funding for their regular activities and for specific projects. The Fundraising Co-ordinator provides practical help in obtaining this funding and provides information and advice to members on funding applications and fundraising.

The Fundraising Co-ordinator is appointed by the Committee. It is not essential for the postholder to also be on the Committee.


  • to assist CAN in securing funds for specific projects or general operations


  • acting as the contact point for CAN with regard to fundraising
  • identifying potential sources of funds for CAN for national or local use
  • providing information on the CAN website for groups on sources of funds for local projects
  • making grant applications or seeking sponsorship on request from the Executive, or assisting others to do so as needed
  • assisting in the process of ensuring projects are delivered and reported on

Desired qualities/experience:

  • some knowledge of CAN's purpose and activities
  • experience in fund-raising would be useful but is not essential
  • Internet access and some skills with basic computer software (word processor, spreadsheet)


  • CAN Executive

Support/working relationships:

  • the Exec can provide help and advice (e.g. previous grant applications, sponsorship requests)
  • CAN will find opportunties for training or mentoring if possible

Time commitment:

  • variable (a grant application may take several hours work over a short period, for example)


  • appropriate expenses paid (e.g. toll calls, paper)
  • modest honorarium ($50 gift voucher from a range of retailers, including CAN)
  • furthering a good cause and working with great people

[updated September 2008]