Local group membership lists

From time to time, local groups will request updated membership lists for their local group. To export a current membership list to a CSV file, which you can then email to them, do the following:

  • In CiviCRM, select Find Contacts - Advanced Search from the Search menu.
  • Select the appropriate local group name from the Select Tags drop-down box.
  • From the Display Results As drop-down box, choose Memberships. (This means the results will include membership data as well as contact data.)
  • In the Memberships section, under Membership Status, check the New, Current and Grace boxes.
  • Click the Search button. This will bring up all the results.
  • Check All records at the top, and from the Actions drop-down box, choose Export Members and click the Go button.
  • Click Select Fields for Export, choose the Membership list detail field mapping and click Continue.
  • The fields in the selected field mapping will be displayed. Click the Export button.
  • Save the results to a CSV file.