Local group administrators

For independent local cycling advocacy groups which use our CiviCRM system (currently only Cycle Aware Wellington), you can set someone up as an adminstrator so they can do mailouts and manage memberships for their local group. They won't have access to contacts outside their own local group.

To set them up as an administrator:

  • bring up their CiviCRM contact record.
  • bring up their Drupal user record. On the front page of their contact record under 'CiviCRM ID / User ID'- the second one is a link to their Drupal user record.
  • Edit the record by clicking the Edit tab.
  • Under Roles, tick the 'User manager' box, then click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  • Go back to their CiviCRM contact record and add them to the User Managers group for their local advocacy group, e.g. for Cycle Aware Wellington it's the 'Cycle Aware Wellington User Managers' group.

If they want to be able to send mailings from their own email address, you also need to add that address to the "From Email Addresses" in CiviCRM. From the CiviCRM menu, choose Administration -> CiviMail -> From Email Addresses. There you can add a new From Email Address for them to use.